Our Courses and Prices


'Individual and Small Group Lessons'.

Individual one-to-one lessons cost 25-28* per hour and are normally booked in 6-lesson blocks.
These lessons are especially designed for your personal needs and your individual level of English.
The price of our small group lessons will depend on the number of students:
Two to four students at 18 per hour, five to ten students at 15 per hour, again booked in 6-hour blocks.

Before you start your lessons, we will book you in for an assessment, which will last for about one hour and will cost 25*. After the assessment, we will book you in for your course of 6 lessons.


'One Plus One Lessons'.

This is a two-part lesson, starting with an English lesson, followed by a conversational Bible Study lesson. These specialised classes are one and a half hours long and run for six weeks at a time.   They can be arranged on application.


'Dutch Lessons'

For those who are interested in learning a completely different language, we also offer Dutch lessons. These classes are one hour long and are also booked in 6-hour blocks.


Each of these courses needs to be booked and paid for in advance, either by cash or cheque.
If you need to cancel a lesson, please do so by giving more than 24 hours notice, otherwise a 10 cancellation fee will be charged.

* If, for some reason, lessons are held at your home or any other location than normal (see here), a 3 surcharge will be added per lesson.



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